About the Farm Family

This family includes (from left) daughter Joanne and her husband Arlin, sons Jaimie and David, daughter in law Laura and son Corey, Farmers Sylvia and Jim. Welcome to the farm of Jim and Sylvia and their family.

The family used to raise dairy cattle but, in 1998, changed the farm to a dairy goat farm. They now milk 400 goats and they have a total of about 800 goats of all ages on their farm.

The couple raised their four children on this farm (Corey, 25; Joanne, 23; David 19 and Jaimie, 16).

Corey and his wife Laura as well as Joanne and her husband Arlin now both live off the farm but are still often home for visits. Corey, who studied an agricultural course at college, also continues to help with a variety of farm chores. David is currently enrolled in studies at the same agricultural college and works at home in the summer. Jaimie, who attends a local high school, helps with the milking process before and after school each day.