Day Old Poults

These day old turkeys are called poults. They were hatched at a special farm called a hatchery and arrived here yesterday.

This first stage of their life on this farm, from the time they're a day old to five-six weeks of age is called brooding. When the birds are this young, they must be given special care.

During the first few days, the young birds are carefully watched and kept nice and warm (about 35 degrees celsius). Each pen is also equipped with additional feeders to ensure that the poults get enough feed. As feathers replace the birdsÇ down, the heat is gradually reduced to 21°C.

Brent will walk through the barn, checking on the poults, about 12 times each day just to make sure that they're eating, drinking and adjusting to their new surroundings.

Poults are sometimes kept in smaller groups by cardboard dividers. These dividers are only kept up for a few days, until they adjust to the barn. Poults have a tendency to crowd close to each other. By dividing them into groups, there's less of a risk of them accidentally crowding and injuring each other. After a few days, these dividers are removed and the birds all live together.