Eyes, Ears, Beaks and Nose

Did you know that?

The fleshy growth from the base of the beak, which is very long on male turkeys and hangs down over the beak, is called the snood. The snood, which is red in colour, helps the turkeys release extra body heat.

Turkeys have a very poor sense of smell.

Turkeys have great hearing, but no external ears. The ears are flat holes covered with fine feathers.

Turkeys' eyes have an inner lid that closes sideways to remove dirt and an outside lid to keep out light. They can see very well, in full colour, and have a wide field of vision (about 270 degrees), which makes sneaking up on them difficult.

Turkeys have an excellent sense of taste.

That bird is turning blue! Did you know that the heads of turkeys become a deeper blue colour when they are excited?