Manure Management

Turkey farmers are committed to protecting the environment around them. Turkey manure is an important fertilizer and soil conditioner because it provides necessary, natural nutrients for the crops. Until the manure can be used properly, it is stored in this covered shed that was built five years ago to ensure that runoff doesn't escape and enter nearby water sources. In the spring, once the snow is gone, the manure is spread on the fields to act as a fertilizer for the crops.

Brent has a nutrient management plan for his farm. What this means is that he has a plan that tracks the amount of manure produced by his turkeys and ensures that he has enough crop land to spread it on. Responsible use of manure is important to Canadian farmers.

Did you know...that there are new technologies being introduced to use turkey manure in other ways? Options include using it as fuel for heating poultry barns or in commercial electric power generating stations. The Canadian turkey industry is continuously developing new manure management practices and supports research of new waste management systems, new manure composting practices and alternative uses of turkey manure.