Turkey Barns

Why are most turkeys raised indoors in Canada?

Most turkeys are raised in environmentally-controlled barns (like this one built in 1996) that are specially designed for turkeys and provide protection from predators, disease and bad weather.


The barns provide turkeys with ample room to move about and with easy access to water and feed. Plenty of light is provided and most barns are insulated to help maintain a constant temperature. These modern barns make it possible for turkeys to be raised in Canada year-round.

Many turkey barns have “curtain sides” which can be opened on nice days and which allow lots of fresh air and natural light into the barn. Brent's older birds all live in curtain sided barns.

Another reason for indoor housing is for animal monitoring and care. It's much easier to ensure each bird gets the right food, clean water and care in a barn than when they are outside.

The barns are constantly monitored for temperature and climate (including such things as humidity, dust levels, ammonia or carbon dioxide) as well as light, space, feeding and drinking.