What Is - and Isn't - in Their Feed

These are the barn's feeders, which are kept constantly filled so that turkeys like the ones in this barn have free access to feed 24 hours a day, which means they can help themselves to the food or water at any time, buffet style.

Turkeys are fed a nutritionally balanced mixture of grains, including corn, wheat and soybeans that are ground up to look like granola. The birds grow quickly, so farmers spend a lot of time adjusting feeding rations to match the growth stages of the birds.æYoung turkeys (poults) are fed a “starter” mixture. As they grow, the feed is changed to a “grower” mixture. Each type of feed includes protein, energy, fibre, fat and other elements such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamins.

In Canada, turkeys are NOT given hormones! These have been illegal for over 30 years. It is scientific advancements such as selective breeding, better feed formulation and modern management practices that are responsible for the larger, healthier turkeys produced today.