Biosecurity/Disease Prevention

Biosecurity is a very important word in the poultry industry. Its goal is to keep birds healthy because controlling poultry diseases is important for both human and bird health. It means that whenever anyone goes onto a chicken farm, they must do what they can to ensure they are not a vector for viruses or poultry diseases. Biosecurity measures include restricting access by people and animals to barns, disinfecting equipment and vehicles before they come on to the property and taking proper barn management and hygiene precautions.

William's barn is kept locked at all times so that he can control access to the facility. When visitors, like the veterinarian or the poultry nutritionist, are allowed in, they must first sign a log book so that William can track visitors to his barn.

Visitors must then wear protective biosecurity coveralls, head cover, gloves, masks and boots while inside. This protects William's chickens from exposure to potential illness and keeps them healthy in the barn.