Computer Systems for Everything

Chicken farmers have to be very technologically advanced in order to be able to run all of the equipment needed to care for their birds.

In this room, there are controls for just about every aspect of caring for the chickens:

A light system automatically turns the lights on and off in the barn, at different times of the day. The lights are set to mimic the natural setting at dawn and dusk.

Other controls ensure that the chickens have constant access to feed and water. If there's a problem with any of the lines, the controls will send a message to William and Janet's house or cellular phones and then they'll know to come and fix the problem. The computers also record how much feed and water the birds have consumed.

The temperature of the barn is monitored by these controls and again, if there's any sharp and unexpected increase or decrease in the barn's temperature, William will immediately be notified.

All aspects of the barn's ventilation and fan system are regulated through this room's computers.