Water, Water Everywhere

These are the barn's water lines. Chickens always have ready access to clean drinking water. In this barn, they access the water through drinking nipples placed on lines throughout the barn. When the chicks first arrive at the farm at a day-old, the lines are placed very close to the floor so that they can easily reach them. Every day or two, as the birds grow, William raises the water lines up so that birds are easily able to reach them. The feed lines are also raised on a regular basis.

Water makes up more than half of a bird's body weight. Water is also essential in controlling body temperature since part of the water they drink evaporates into the air they exhale which gives them a cooling effect.

Farmers regularly test their water quality and monitor their watering systems to ensure they are operating properly.

The amount of water a chicken drinks varies, depending on the temperature of the weather and the age of the bird.