Meet the Farm Family

You are currently visiting the farm of Tyler, Debbie and their two young children Josh, 2.5 and Mary, 6 months.

Tyler and Debbie were both raised on farms: Tyler on a dairy farm and Debbie on a beef cattle and sheep farm. When they got married in 1999, they knew that they wanted to raise their own children in the country and, after saving for a few years, were able to buy this farm in 2003. They currently milk 40 cows on their farm and have 149 acres of crops.

While farming and being very busy with their two young children, they do have other hobbies. Tyler enjoys playing both broomball and hockey and he takes pride in showing his cows in competitions at fall fairs and other events.

Debbie is an avid gardener, as you can see by the beautiful flowerbeds on this farm. She also likes scrapbooking and volunteering as a representative on her local county's dairy farmers committee.