Biosecurity Sign at Road

"Biosecurity" is a term used to describe protocols that help keep birds healthy by reducing exposure to disease brought in from the outside and are extremely important on poultry farms. Biosecurity measures on this farm include restricting access of people and animals to barns. Equipment and vehicles' tires are disinfected before they come onto the property if they've come from another poultry farm and proper barn management and hygiene precautions are always taken.

The barn is also kept locked at all times so that the farm staff can control access. When visitors like the egg truck driver, feed company representative or nutritionist arrive, they must sign a log book so that they know exactly who has visited the barn.

Visitors must wear protective biosecurity coveralls, gloves and boots while inside. This protects the hens from exposure to potential illnesses.

The farm workers are required to adhere to farm biosecurity protocols. They are required to change their clothing and footwear when they enter the barn to limit exposure of the hens to outside germs.