Farm Crops

Together with his brother, John grows crops on 1,000 acres of farmland. That's approximately the size of 500 Canadian football fields. The land is used to grow feed for the pigs, as well as spread the pigs' manure as a fertilizer. Manure fertilizer will help next year's crops grow and continue the cycle. John's goal is to manage that cycle properly by matching up the amount of manure and fertilizer to what the crops need to be healthy.

Farmer John knows how to protect the natural resources on his farm. His livelihood and his family depend on his ability to care for the soil and water on his land. Without them, he wouldn't be able to grow crops and animals, or make a living.

Did you know that… in the last ten years, Ontario's pork producers have invested four million dollars into environmental research. Their money helps develop new methods to store, handle and apply manure on soil, investigate manure's impacts on plant health, explore new techniques for minimizing odour and much more.