Farm Crops

John and his two brothers jointly farm about 1,300 acres of crops, mainly hay, corn, wheat and soybeans, both of which are used to feed the pigs and cattle. The corn and beans are planted in the spring and will be harvested later in the year. The wheat is planted in the fall and harvested the following summer.

The hay is harvested two to three times each year and fed to the dairy cattle as either straight hay (dried grass), or from the silo as haylage. Check out the virtual dairy tour for more information on cattle feeding.

Farmer John takes good care of his natural resources, which includes his farm, land, water and livestock. John and his family live, eat and play on this land. Their livelihoods depend on the long-term health of the farm and the environment.

Did you know that… in the last ten years, Ontario's pork producers have invested four million dollars in environmental research. Their money helps develop new methods to store, handle and apply manure on soil, investigate manure's impacts on plant health, explore new techniques for minimizing odour and much more.