Apple Orchard Videos

In this 360° tour, you’ll learn about how apples are grown, packaged, and everything in between. You’ll also meet Canadian apple growers Murray and Joel, who will explain the importance of working together, of using Integrated Pest Management in their orchard and how critical Seasonal Agricultural Workers are to their business.

360° Canadian Apple Orchard Tour

Apples are a favourite in many Canadian households. In this 360 tour, you’ll get to tour a working apple orchard and learn how apples are grown, cared for, and harvested. You’ll also learn about the importance of Integrated Pest Management, pollinators and Seasonal Agricultural Workers to Canadian apple farms.

Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Canada - An Employee Perspective

Meet Livian. He’s part of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Program (SAWP) and has been annually coming from Jamaica to Canada to work on Murray’s apple farm for nearly 20 years! In this video, you’ll hear about his experience, and what the SAWP has meant for him and his family.

Seasonal Workers in Canada - A Farmers Perspective

Fruit and vegetable farming is labour intensive and many Canadian farmers, like Murray, have difficulty finding workers to fill the numerous seasonal positions needed to help plant, manage, and harvest their crops. The Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Program (SAWP) brings workers from Mexico, Jamaica, and Eastern Caribbean countries to Canada to work on fruit and vegetable farms. In this video, you’ll hear how the SAWP benefits apple farmers, as well as the workers travelling to Canada to work on these farms.

Apples and Mother Nature

Apple farmers must be prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw their way. In this video, Murray will explain the tools they use to protect the apple orchard from the elements and harmful pests, while still keeping pollinators, workers, and the environment safe.

Life as an Apple Orchard Family

Murray and Joel are Canadian apple farmers. In this video, they’ll explain what it’s like to manage an orchard as a family and how they work together to grow the highest quality apples.

Apples: From Farm to Table

Have you ever wondered where apples go after they’re picked? In this video, you’ll visit Tom at a Canadian apple packing plant, where he’ll explain how apples are cleaned, sorted, packaged, and stored before they head to the grocery store for us to enjoy.

Quick Canadian Apple Farm Facts

  • There are enough apples grown in Canada for every Canadian to consume 10 kg per year – that’s nearly 100 apples per person!
  • Apples are produced across Canada on over 42,000 acres of land.
  • Ontario is Canada’s largest apple producer, followed by British Columbia and Quebec.
  • Canadian apple growers produce over 50 varieties of apples, but the most common varieties are McIntosh, Gala, Ambrosia, Honeycrisp, and Empire.
  • It takes four apples to make a glass of pure apple juice.
  • Apples are Canada’s second most valuable fruit crop, after blueberries.
  • When it comes to controlling pests like weeds, bugs and diseases, farmers follow a decision-making process called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is focused on prevention, monitoring, and control of pests in an effective, economical and environmentally sound way.