Dairy Farm Videos

This Canadian family dairy farm uses a Voluntary Milking System which enables their cows to decide when they would like to be milked.

Quick Canadian dairy cow facts

  • In Canada, most farms use one of three main kinds of milking systems –milking parlour, voluntary milking system or tie stall.
  • On each farm, cows are milked two or three times each day.
  • It takes about 5-7 minutes to milk one cow.
  • Over 98 percent of Canadian dairy farms are family owned and family run.
  • There are about 11,280 dairy farms in Canada with an average of 85 milking cows each (about 959,100 cows in total).
  • Dairy cows give an average of 29 litres of milk per day.
  • Milk has 16 nutrients in it.