Egg Farm Videos

Welcome to tours of three Canadian egg farms, hosted by the farm families who live there. They raise their hens in different types of housing – enriched, free-range and free-run. Tour the farms and learn about the families, their hens and the different barn types.

Quick Canadian Egg Facts

  • In Canada, a total of 26 million hens produce more than 600 million dozen eggs per year - or about 7.2 billion eggs.
  • The average hen lays about 320 eggs per year.
  • Laying hens- the ones who lay the eggs we eat - primarily live in five different types of housing systems in Canada: Enriched Housing, Free Run, Free Range, Aviary and Conventional Housing. You can tour all five through this link.
  • In Canada no chickens are ever given hormones, regardless of the type of farm they live on.
  • Canadians eat about 19.4 dozen (or 233) eggs per year.
Enriched Egg Farm
Farm Food 360 Tour - Egg

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside a Canadian egg barn, you’re about to find out. Welcome to Megan’s egg farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. This video will show you everything there is to see on a Canadian egg farm. You’ll learn about biosecurity, egg collection, how hens are cared for and much more. Enjoy your visit!

Life as an egg farm family

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work with your family? The farmers you’re about to meet do it every day. In this video, Glynis, Dan, Megan and Kayla Veldman talk about what it’s like to be third and fourth generation Canadian egg farmers and how they work together to produce safe, high-quality, delicious eggs for consumers.

Caring for birds

Every day, Canadian egg farmers are taking the best possible care of their hens. Whether it’s a small farm or a larger one like Megan’s, care and comfort of the hens is every farmer’s first priority. In this video, you’ll see inside a modern Canadian layer barn and learn about everything that goes into taking care of hens.

From Farm to Table

Canadian eggs are some of the freshest items you can buy at a grocery store. But do you know how they get there? This video will take you to Megan’s egg farm in Southwestern Ontario and show you exactly what happens once a hen has laid her egg - how it’s collected, where it’s stored and who picks it up from the farm.

Farming: Off the Grid

Watch this video to learn how one Canadian egg farm uses solar energy to power their farm and reduce their carbon footprint.

Free-Run Egg Farm