Greenhouse Vegetable Videos

In Ontario, more than 170 farmers grow delicious fresh, nutritious, flavourful tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for all to enjoy. Watch how greenhouse vegetables are grown and harvested.

Quick Facts:

  • Over 70 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse vegetables are grown in Ontario. Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers cover almost 3,800 acres – or about 9500 Canadian hockey rinks.
  • Greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers contributed more than 1.9 billion to Ontario GPD in 2021 with Ontario greenhouse vegetables having a farmgate value of over $1.3 billion.
  • Ontario vegetable greenhouses directly employed over 10,000 people in 2021, providing an additional 27,000+ spin-off jobs throughout the community.
  • There is more than 504 million KG of fresh greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers grown in Ontario.
  • Most greenhouse vegetable farmers are less than a one day’s drive from a majority of the markets they serve.
  • For many greenhouses, a fertilizer solution called nutrient feedwater is used to help grow their produce. It is recirculated throughout the facilities which minimizes the inputs into local surface water, groundwater and soil.
  • Bumblebees are used to naturally pollinate produce. This improves the quality and quantity of the produce grown and help reduce the need for chemical and pesticides.
  • In order to ensure an optimal temperature is maintained, many greenhouses use a special boiler system to heat their operations. As Carbon Dioxide is expelled, it can be captured and filtered, and can then be used as a natural fertilizer to feed their growing plants.
  • Ontario greenhouse growers can yield up to 20 times more produce per square meter than outdoor agriculture. The controlled environment, hydroponic growing technology and other innovations like LED lights allow farmers to grow a uniform crop year-round while reducing waste, maximizing yield and quality.