Oat Farm and Processing Videos

In this 360 video tour, you’ll get to see how oats go from an oat plant in the field to the food on your table.

Quick Canadian Oats Facts

  • Saskatchewan typically grows over 50% of all oats produced in Canada
  • Canada is the largest exporter of oats in the world
  • About 90% of Canadian oat exports are shipped to the USA
  • Approximately 100 days after seeding the oats will be ready to harvest
  • Oat yields have been increasing and the result has been higher production while total acreage has been stable in the past decade
  • Total acreage is currently approximately 1.25 million hectares (3 million acres)
  • Oat yields average near 3.0 tonnes per hectare (77.8 bushels per acre)
  • Whole oats need to be processed or milled before they are ready to use in a wide array of healthy food products
  • One of the by-products of oat milling are the fibrous oat hulls
  • Oat hulls are used as livestock feed and as bedding to increase animal comfort in dairy and poultry barns
  • Oats are high in dietary fiber called beta glucan which helps to lower cholesterol and control appetite
  • About 19 pounds of oatmeal can be made from one bushel of oats
  • Over 20 pounds of oat flour can be produced from one bushel of oats
  • 1 pound of oat flour has nearly 30 grams of fiber
  • 1 bushel of oats can make over 600 servings or 43 boxes of cheerios