Eastern Canadian Grain Farm

In this 360° tour and other videos, you’ll tour a working Ontario grain farm and meet the farm families. They’ll explain how they grow, care for and harvest their crops.

Quick Facts:

  • Approximately 6 million acres of barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat are grown in Ontario alone.
  • Soybeans are used to make oil, animal feed, and even tofu and soy beverages.
  • An acre is the size of about 2.5 hockey rinks.
  • 1 cup of chemical is enough to cover and protect 1 acre of cropland—or 2.5 hockey rinks.
  • Herbicides control weeds. Fungicides control disease. Insecticides control detrimental insects.
  • Detrimental insects are those that can eat or otherwise destroy crops.
  • Depending on the crop, harvest season in Ontario can begin as early as July and last until December.
  • Grain farmers use a combine to harvest their crops. It has different “heads” that attach to the front, depending on the crop being harvested.
  • High moisture grain is put into a special bin, called a dryer, to dry it by pushing warm air through the grain.
  • Once harvested and dry, Ontario grain can be loaded onto a truck, a train, or even a boat to be shipped around the world and made into various products we use everyday.